Fruit, Nuts and Seeds Muesli


1kg pack 13 different ingredients including almonds and apricots - for those that want it all. ..

Five-Grain Porridge


1kg pack A taste and texture like no other blend. Guaranteed to satisfy Papa, Mama, Baby... ..

Fruit & Coconut Muesli


1kg pack A naturally sweet muesli with Australia’s favourite dried fruits including apricots and currants along... ..

Honey Roasted Muesli Crumble


800g pack A whole lot of flavour with bush honey and several aromatic spices plus rose... ..

Nuts and Seeds Muesli


1kg pack For those who are nuts about nutrition! Seven of the world’s most popular nuts... ..

Gluten-free Fruit, Nuts & Seeds Natural Muesli


900g pack Created especially for my husband who is a Coeliac. Note – this blend can... ..